Wizarding World Book quiz.


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Creative lead, copywriter. 



Help new audiences in the US discover the wondrous world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts with an audiobook quiz.


400 unique questions.

7 days of fully crafted content.

100 days of bespoke quiz questions.

What we did.

Pottermore is home to a huge variety of content from one of the most famous franchises on earth, but this impressive offering didn’t always feel accessible to those who were unfamiliar with the wizarding world. 

The prevalence of tech is taking young minds away from the pages of the books, so we wanted to create interest via a modern, relevant platform. More children now listen to Alexa than the radio, which meant that designing a voice Skill was the most feasible solution.

Our final product needed to test and develop comprehension skills, as well as spark interest in traditional storytelling and capture imaginations that are otherwise occupied by screens. So from cherry-picked content spanning five audiobooks, we wove a detailed narrative spanning seven days and introducing the audience to key magical moments along the way.

The Skill’s voiceover artist guides users through the experience, from meeting Harry Potter to discovering what it’s like to ride a broomstick, with bespoke visual assets for the Show available and over 400 unique questions spanning across the entire Premium experience.

From the very first interaction, the ‘Wizarding World Book Quiz’ allows users to build relationships with the story and the characters over time, sparking and solidifying an interest in the brand and franchise as a whole. Crucially, children are able to improve their comprehension skills without even realising they’re doing it.

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