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Create a voice and messaging experience that helps new runners get on the right track from day one.


2,000+ conversations in the first week.

93% messages handled effectively.


Nike Coach.


What we did.

Nike knew that for people who’ve never been for a run, it’s hard to know where to begin or how to get motivated. As for finding the right shoes, it can be easy to get lost in the technical terminology.

So we created an Action with all the answers. With tailored running plans and a product finder that identifies the perfect kicks for runners of all abilities and aspirations, Nike Coach is packed with tips for getting off on the right foot, with personal health and fitness goals at its core. 

Nike Coach was one of the first branded actions to use daily updates through Google Assistant routines, with conversations extending beyond run reminders and recovery messages, to inspiration from Nike Athletes and the likes of Mo Farah. 

Now more than ever, seamless experiences are essential. We ensured that users can switch effortlessly between, their Google Home, or Assistant on their phone, enjoying a contextual journey throughout their interactions with Nike Coach.

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