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Further professional skills and enhance the success of small businesses across key global markets.


Launched in nine markets.

1,014,898 lessons completed.

805,000 people trained.
70,876 regular or return users.

Learn with Facebook.


What we did.

Facebook wanted to leverage the talent and knowledge associated with their platform from across the globe, and showcase how the site can be used to forge business relationships and educate people from all over the world. 


We created Digital Skill Seekers and Startup Training, two hubs with the aim of teaching key digital and marketing skills to jobseekers and small business owners in nine unique markets.


Whether you’re a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, or you’re looking to upskill for your dream role, Learn With Facebook can help to finesse essential areas from marketing and social media to coding. 


By conducting interviews with key opinion leaders and entrepreneurs from each key market, I was able to attain and finesse engaging, valuable content for learners, alongside crafted quizzes and recaps to lock down the knowledge. 


The e-learning hubs not only benefit everyday people seeking new skills and ways to connect with customers, but also help to convey that while Facebook is a global corporation, its offering can have positive local and personal impacts. 


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