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Help newcomers navigate fierce Freeletics workouts, and increase longer-term engagement with Google Assistant in Germany.


Number one health and fitness Action in the world.
33,000 individual engagements. 
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Google + Freeletics

What we did.

In Germany, Android ownership outstrips Apple, yet awareness of the capabilities of Google Assistant is low. While Freeletics sought a way to help newcomers navigate their workouts, Google wanted to create long-term engagement with voice in Germany. 


Towards the end of January, when New Year’s resolutions begin to wear thin, we launched Freeletics Challenge – a low-entry barrier way to re-inspire people to find their feet in the fitness world. 

With Google as our client, we built a Home and Assistant Action that guides users through intense Freeletics workout sessions over a 14-day plan, simultaneously growing their confidence and muscles. 


To drive longer-term engagement and provide motivation, we incorporated rest days – a perfect opportunity to share inspirational content from the Freeletics blog on topics from nutrition to mindfulness.


On workout days, the latest members of the athlete community move through each exercise at their own pace, with the help of crafted audio instructions and Freeletics-branded GIFs.

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